India’s First ISO 9001-2008 Certified Islamic Educational Society

Mission and Vision

1. To create an awareness of Islamic culture and its heritage among the younger generations from early childhood.

2. To inculcate in the Muslim students the real vision of Islamic faith and its actual performance of rituals as laid down by 
     the precepts of Ahlussunna wal Jamath.

3. To create the true spirit of tolerance in them.

4. To make them devout and peace loving citizens, enabling them to mingle with our mixed society in perfect harmony and
     to make them abide by the guidelines stipulated in our constitution.

5. To make them aware of the ephemeral nature of this world and to keep them away from the undue influence of 
     materialism and modernism.

6. To keep the students away from the politically motivated ‘Islamists’ and To recognize and appreciate the contribution of 
     Islam and its glorious past.

7. To recognize and appreciate the contribution of Islam and its glorious past.

8. To empower them to resist the biased propaganda of the enemies of Islam and enable them to refute the fabricated 
     notion of the so called ‘Islamophobia’.

9. To inspire the parents and the community as a whole through the true Islamic knowledge acquired by the students with 
     the spirit of moral awakening.

10. Enlighten the parents through their wards to the right path and bring them to cooperate with all activities of the school.

By the grace of Almighty Allah, we can achieve our aspiration of the total religious revival through which we can reinstate the golden era of Islamic education and culture. (Aameen)